Am-Can CH Karagold's Kruz'n Coast T'Coast, OS, SDHF, BISS
KruzírÖ.beautiful, strong, effortless, Best In Sweepstakes, confident, showy, attitude, Winners Dog National Specialty 2005, presence, carriage, captivating,  American Champion, loyal, happy, birdy, Canadian Champion, companion, producer, gentle, Outstanding Sire, charismatic, athletic, regal, ShowDog Hall of Fame, energetic, structure, temperament, Top Twenty 2010,      friend, family member, perfect....Kruzír.
       Kruz'rs Accomplishments:
GRCA National Specialty, Malibu CA 2004, Kruz'r places 1st in 6-9 mo puppy Sweepstakes and places 4th in the 6-9 mo regular puppy class. 


Mile Hi Golden Retriever Club Specialty 2005, Kruz'r is Best in Sweepstakes.
Mid Florida Golden Retriever Club Specialty 2005, Kruz'r is Best in Sweepstakes.
Canadian Championship in one weekend including group wins in 2005.
GRCA National Specialty, Gettysburg PA 2005, Kruz'r places 2nd in 15-18 month Sweepstakes. 
 Kruzír places 1st in bred-by exhibitor class.
Winners Dog GRCA National Specialty out of Bred by class.
    American Championship at 19 month of age owner handled.
Kruzír becomes an Outstanding Sire at age 5.
Kruzír is inducted into the Show Dog Hall of Fame 2010 owner handled.

  Kruzír is in the Top Twenty 2010 owner handled.




Kruzírs Genetic and Clearance Information:


DOB:  4/05/2004


Sire:  CH Dťjŗ vuís Air Phare Miles, BISS ex CH Karagoldís Best Kept Secret, OD


Hip: GR-89350G24M-PI  GOOD

Elbow:  GR-EL13350M24-PI  Normal

Heart:  GR-CA9142/12M/C-PI  Normal

CERF:  GR-29478/2012-75  Normal

Thyroid:  GR-TH933/43M-PI  Normal



At a glance, Kruz'r appears strong and confident.  Kruz'r is a compact dog with good balance front to rear.  He has good depth of body and a lovely front assembly.  His neck into shoulders is smooth and he has a rock solid top line.  He has nice length of leg with his legs placed well under him.  He has a lot of bone.  His headpiece is exquisite with a beautiful expression and dark, dark pigment.  He has a correct bite with full dentition.  On the move Kruz'r can not be denied.  He has beautiful reach and drive and he converges perfectly to a center line.  His movement is effortless, athletic and graceful.  He will take your breath away.


The best part about Kruz'r is his temperament.  From the time he was a puppy he was just easy.  I have two sons and out of all of our dogs Kruz'r is their favorite.  He is a happy dog and he truly aims to please.  Kruz'r adores everyone, human and animals alike including cats.  He especially loves puppies.


At home, Kruz'r is relaxed around the house but has energy when you want it.  He has an amazing show attitude and confidence in the ring.  Kruzír achieved the coveted SDHF title with limited showing.  I enjoy his energy and his willing attitude.


Kruzír is an Outstanding Sire and to date has produced 20 AKC Champions, 4 Canadian Champions, and a senior hunter.  He produces beautiful puppies with beautiful toplines, nice bone, dark pigment and puppies that are nicely balanced.





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